Here are some documents to help you get started thinking about homework.

Fact or Fiction is an activity exploring the research on homework from the Center for Public Education.
Lotus Chart homework.doc Strategy to organize notes about components of homework. Components shown are: Purpose of Homework, History of Homework, Research Regarding Homework, Feedback, Strategies to Improve Homework, Parent Involvement, Homework Policy, Student Ownership of Learning.
A blank lotus chart Lotus Chart blank.doc

Fact or Fiction questions and answers
Personal Assessment Tool.doc Questions are designed to help you reflect on your current homework philosophy and to provide contextual foundation for the training on homework.
homework design.doc Backward Design template with goal, The school with utilize a homework system based on current literature that informs all stakeholders of student learning. Includes essential questions, evidence and activities.
More Questions Than Answers.doc Training with homework creates more questions than answer. These questions come from teachers, about research in addition questions to ask students, staff, and administration.
Research from the Center for Public Education: In the search box enter homework.
What research says about the value of homework: Research review
Homework: Research Questions and Answers