Grading Exceptional Learners
Lee Ann Jung and Thomas R. Guskey
Tom Guskey blog and link to November 2011 article

Omaha field test of standard based grading
Progess Report Cards, Creating a Behavior Based Reporting System
15 Fixes for Broken Grades Ken O'Connor
Redos and Retakes Done Right Rick Wormeli
This five-step model provides fair and accurate grades for students with disabilities and English language learners.
Link to article

Some grading links from Doug Reeves.

This link provides several videos from Doug Reeves
  • Changing the Grading System--4 minutes on making grading fair and equitable
  • Collaborative Scoring of Student Work
  • Grades for Missing Work
  • Toxic Grading Practices
This link to get several articles from Doug Reeves

Rick Wormeli

How Much Should Homework Count
If you go to this Youtube site there are several other videos from Rick about homework and grading.
The Right Way to do Redos

Grade Inflation: Killing with Kindness, Educational Leadership November 2011