Below are the power points from the Homework Battle

History of Homework.ppt
What can we learn about making homework effective by looking at what has happened in the past
How is homework approached differently in other countries?
21st century skills and technology will change students learning environment. What impact will this have on homework?

How much should homework be a factor in student’s grades?
What type of feedback is most effective for students, parent, and school districts?
– how much to count
– Formative vs summative (referee vs coach)
– Homework assigned but not commented on has an effect size of .28
– Homework is assigned and graded has an effect size of .78
– Homework is assigned and teacher provides written comments has an effect size of .83

Homework Policy.ppt
How can a homework policy or guidelines improve the effectiveness of homework?

not testing well.ppt
What does the research say about students not testing well?
What strategies can be used improve the match between what students know and how they perform on an assessment?

What should be the role of parents in help students, creating a learning environment?
How can parents help make homework be more effective?

Purpose of Homework.ppt
What purposes does homework serve for teachers, parents, students, and school districts?
How does the purpose of homework relate to its effectiveness?
– Preparation Homework--Primes the brain, makes relevant
– Practice Homework--Provides necessary review and reinforcement
– Extension Homework--Expands concepts taught in class
– Creative Homework--Includes analysis, synthesis and evaluation
– Non-instructional, parent-child communication

Research Regarding Homework.ppt
What does research say about making homework effective?
What research still needs to be done?
“Center of Public Ed Research” contains Key Lessons: What Research Says About the Value of Homework. The Center for Public Education has several documents related to homework
A meta analysis of research showed
  • 24 percentile gain in high school
  • 12 percentile gain in middle school
  • 6 percentile gain in elementary
– Homework Does Not Teach Responsibility….

Strategies to Improve.ppt
What strategies can be used to improve homework effectiveness?
How can homework be less of a source of problem or conflict between student, teacher, and parent?
“Choice boards” method to provide student choice and improve effectiveness.
– Does it serve a purpose?
– Is it relevant to student learning?
– Is it used when appropriate rather than routinely.
– Myths
– Hard work is good for you regardless of the pointlessness of the task.
– Some of my examples
– If a teaching/learning experience is too enjoyable it is somehow academically suspect.

Student Owernship.ppt
The bottom line is that students need to feel that what they are spending their time working on is relevant to them.