Student Ownership of Learning

If your students can answer the following questions they have ownership of their learning.

  • Why are we studying this?
  • What are we doing right now?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • How does this relate to what we have been doing the last few days or week?
  • What does doing this help me do in terms of long-term learning or priorities for my learning.
  • Schooling by Design, Mission, Action, and Achievement by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. Chapter 1

Some Thoughts

  • “I never heard of a child not doing his work. It’s our work he’s not doing.” Cathy Vatterott
  • Perhaps our role in extending learning outside the school is to instill in students the value of learning and the joy of learning, and to expose them to the vastness of the universe—how much there is to learn. Cathy Vatterott P 10 Rethinking Homework
  • Our long-term goals are for students to have self-discipline, to perfect their intellectual skills, and to feel confident as learners. Cathy Vatterott P 94 Rethinking Homework
  • “If we claim that we want students to take responsibility for homework, we must give them more control over what they learn, how they learn it, and how they show that they’ve learned it.” Guskey & Anderman page 103 Rethinking Homework