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Essential Question--What homework practices lead to increased student achievement?

Homework in the News

Matt Larson, NCTM president's message on The Need to Make Homework Comprehensible
Alternative to "No homework" policy, "No time-wasting, rote, repetitive tasks will be assigned that lack clear instructional or learning purposes." Details in blog post
Employability grade used by Council Bluffs
Homework Study finds that homework shows little correlation to grades. It did, however, did identify a positive relationship between homework time and performance on standardized tests.
What kind of homework benefits students in elementary school?
One elementary school in Maryland is scrapping traditional homework assignments in favor of free reading and other projects that promote research and critical-thinking skills. Some parents are concerned about whether students will develop good academic habits. "The behavior of homework is more important than the content of homework," parent Cory Siansky said. The school's principal, Stephanie Brant, points to studies, however, that show traditional homework has few benefits for students in elementary school. The Washington Post/Class Struggle blog
New app aims to turn Facebook into a study tool
The Facebook application Hoot.me seeks to turn Facebook into a study tool for students. The app diverts students away from their wall and news feed and asks them, "What are you working on?" It then connects students with live group-study sessions on their chosen topic. The tool also could prove useful for educators, providing a way for them to hold "virtual office hours" for students, the tool's CEO and co-founder, Michael Koetting, says. KQED.org/Mind/Shift blog
Using a devise to take notes may not be most effective.

Think about the quotes below.

  • Is homework the hill you want to die on with your students? Bea McGarvey
  • Homework is just one strategy. If this strategy is working for your kids, keep doing it. If it is not working for some kids, stop doing it.
  • When the going gets tough the tough get going. Some just give up and quit. Because of a student’s dread of homework it can lead to a lack of interest in learning.
  • Homework when done poorly can impede learning. This is reflected by a negative effect size. Examples include practicing wrong and not understanding compounded by the effect of grading. Homework should be purposeful and used when appropriate rather than routinely. Bob Marzano—Comment from presentation related to “The Art and Science of Teaching”.
  • Is our job as educators to produce learners or workers? Cathy Vatterott
  • Homework and practice are ways of extending the school day and providing students with opportunities to refine and extend their knowledge. Bob Marzano
  • Teachers should not abandon homework. Instead, they should improve it instructional quality. Bob Marzaon & Deb Pickering Educational Leadership March 2007 p 74-79
  • We are faced with the irony that a policy that may be grounded in the belief of holding students accountable (giving zeros) actually allows some students to escape accountability for learning. Ken O’Connor P 86
  • If we claim that we want students to take responsibility for homework, we must give them more control over what they learn, how they learn it, and how they show that they’ve learned it.” Tom Guskey page 103 Rethinking Homework